Fund Services

The Formidium Fund Services team of industry veterans has spent many years building and testing a more efficient method of fund administration using progressive, user-friendly, and secure technology. As a result, Formidium provides its clients with an industry leading NAV turnaround and customized reporting solutions, all at competitive prices.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Fund services

Assistance with fund set-up; documents review; regulatory filings; treasury services

  • Assist with setup and fund launch
  • Data and analytics to drive performance
  • Experts who understand your business
  • Experience with high frequency, indexing, arbitrage and other digital and crypto trading strategies
  • Knowledgeable with cold/hardware wallets, OTS transactions, ICOs, forks, SAFTs and SAFEs
  • Robust NAV reporting package
  • Full transaction ledger of trading and non-trading activity
  • Common reporting standard compliance
  • API integration and data feeds with over 160 top crypto exchanges
  • Support gain/loss calculations, in-kind transfers and staking and mining rewards for all digital assets
  • Adherence to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act
  • Calculation of fund and investor rates of return
  • Detailed exposure, risk, performance and other portfolio reporting and data feeds
  • User-friendly secure web portal for reporting and data feeds

Reconciliation of trades; full portfolio, fund, & investor accounting; NAV calculations; automated waterfall, management & performance fees

  • Daily independent valuation and NAV calculations
  • Calculate and track of complex performance, management and other fees
  • Daily maintenance of general ledger
  • Easy historical accounting uploads
  • Detailed reporting to support all general ledger line items
  • Coin and digital asset valuation in accordance with fund requirements
  • Wallet tagging and defi asset tracking

Process investor activity with e-subscription technology; AML checks; customized investor reporting & communications portal

  • Support any frequency, including daily subscription, redemption, and transfer dealing
  • Initial and ongoing investor AML/CFT screening aligned with the regulations of the fund’s jurisdiction
  • Maintenance of investor documents
  • Investor statement preparation and distribution
  • Customized investor reporting
  • Serve as main point of contact for investor queries and requests
  • Distribution of fund and manager documentation to investors
  • User-friendly secure investor web portal

In-house development team can create white label web portals for clients and their investors

  • Dynamic, user-friendly and intuitive web portals for clients and their investors
  • Securely share fund documentation and client reports with investors
  • Option to white label with client branding
  • In-house development team customizes to meet client needs
  • Built with multiple AWS disaster recovery sites

Open & maintain bank accounts; process investor cash movements; pay invoices; manage collateral & margin movements

  • Setup and maintenance of funds bank accounts for capital activity, operations
  • Transfer balances between funds bank and custodian/trading accounts
  • Expense budgeting, accruals and invoice payments
  • Facilitate securities finance transactions
  • Maintain security controls and authorization levels for each counterparty or service provider
  • Centralized cash payments team
  • Optimize the use of margin and collateral balances
  • Manage excess cash balances and sweep vehicles

Financial statement preparation & distribution; serve as main contact for auditors & audit queries

  • Financial statement draft preparation in accordance with GAAP or IFRS
  • Audit timeline determination with clients and auditors
  • Liaise and act as main point of contact for auditors
  • Preparation of cost roll forwards and other supporting reports
  • Generate footnotes and related tables
  • Address auditor comments and escalate to client as necessary
  • Distribute final financial statement to investors, exchanges, regulators, and other parties
  • Preparation of year-end and semi-annual financials in accordance with US GAAP or IFRS
  • Respond to audit queries and adjust financials as needed

Proprietary Technology

Our proprietary platform, Seamless Solutions, consolidates and automates all the fund administration functions and reporting for our clients. Seamless Solutions is a web-based integrated solution for portfolio, fund and investor accounting that is disrupting the fund administration industry.

CommonSubDocTM is a web-based investor onboarding platform designed to help manage your investor relationships and simplify the investment process. CSD solves the challenges of managing investor activity through its comprehensive online platform.