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Formidium Enters Real Estate Fund Administration

September 26, 2022

Leading digital assets fund administrator, Formidium Corp., announces its entry into real estate fund administration. Leveraging its Seamless Drawdown software application, Formidium has developed Seamless Real Estate (“Seamless RE”), a comprehensive real estate fund accounting platform designed specifically to handle the unique and specialized accounting needs of real estate funds.

Developed by Formidium Technologies, Seamless RE can help solve the back-office problems facing real estate fund managers. Seamless RE’s capabilities include property-level operational and financial data integration, a robust general ledger accounting system that includes automated waterfall calculations, customized reporting capabilities, and easy-to-use investor portals. Under the oversight of senior leadership at Formidium’s real estate fund accounting group, Formidium Technologies has transformed the real estate fund administration experience into a true data partnership between asset holdings, fund administrator and portfolio management.

Formidium Technologies was able to dissect the pain points facing real estate fund managers to create a process that is truly end-to-end. We have created a flexible environment that allows for a true collaboration between operations and technology. We have the fund manager’s best interest in mind with regards to data aggregation and reporting removing the need for split data models. Combining our real estate fund administration fund expertise with the right technology will give Formidium and its clients the operational efficiencies needed to compete in today’s ever-changing environment, said George Acosta, SVP of Real Estate.

Seamless RE is complemented by Formidium’s next-generation investor onboarding technology, CommonSubDoc (“CSD”). CSD provides additional functionality for both fund managers and their investors with features such as digital onboarding that includes e-subscriptions, automated AML/KYC, and CRM technology to track and monitor the investment subscription process. By integrating into the Seamless Investment Back OfficeTM accounting system, CSD is also enabled for automated capital call and distribution notifications, providing managers full transparency into the process. To date, CSD has processed over $10 billion in investor transactions with over 20,000 users having registered on the platform. Formidium’s technology offerings, combined with a seasoned client success team, provide a superior experience for real estate fund managers, and all investment managers alike.

About Formidium:

Formidium Corp. is a technology-enabled fund administrator based in Chicago, Illinois. Developed by Formidium Technologies, the firm leverages two applications: Seamless Investment BackofficeTM and CommonSubDocTM. Seamless is an award-winning, cloud-based, fund administration application integrating portfolio, fund accounting and investor reporting. CommonSubDocTM is an investor onboarding portal with extensive AML/KYC features and capital activity tracking using CRM technology. Formidium’s operations and technology are SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 audited, and it currently has over 1,000 staff across the globe.

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