Formidium is a global fund administrator powered by its proprietary Seamless Software. Seamless is an award-winning, full-scale web-based, fund administration application integrating portfolio, fund accounting, and investor reporting, to provide best-in-class and cost-efficient solutions to both the traditional and alternative investment fund management community.





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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - if technology cannot reduce the cost of operations, then the technology is not doing its job.

After watching technology disrupt numerous legacy industries, our Founders saw an opportunity to transform the back office. Formidium was borne out of a desire to utilize technology to launch one of the most innovative and efficient firms in the modern day back-office. Formidium offers a web-based fund administration tool that covers every asset class and combines scattered solutions, in one seamless platform – aptly named, Seamless Solutions.

The primary goal of Seamless Solutions is to address all asset classes in an easy-to-use application. Through proprietary technology, we offer the fastest turnaround of data and reporting in the industry. Seamless Solutions is a web-based, meaning users with a secure login can view multiple reports with the most up-to-date performance and analytics.

Formidium has over 950 satisfied clients around the globe, across all major asset classes – liquid and illiquid, and is a leader in the complex digital assets sector. We have proudly extended our services to both institutional-grade and emerging manager funds, providing the highest level of accountability to all our clients, regardless of size . Formidium’s clients are partners who seek technology-driven solutions to provide value for themselves and their investors.

There are many routes to success, but none as sure-footed as the path of efficiency. Maximizing potential by eliminating wasted effort, the goal of efficiency is not merely success, but rather perfection – the ultimate ideal. Success is simply a welcome byproduct of the process of innovation that builds improvement upon improvement. Our dedication to efficiency is profound. Formidium creates proprietary technologies that maximize efficiencies and manifest success – for ourselves, our clients, and for the evolving financial services industry. Like efficiency, we aspire only to perfection, and our pursuit is relentless.

Investment fund managers require the technology and expertise of Formidium to navigate exciting yet unfamiliar new digital paradigms. Formidium recognizes “digital” as a modality rather than an asset class, delivering innovative efficiencies for both traditional and digital assets and forging progressive new standards at the vanguard of the industry’s digital evolution.

Our Core Values

Formidium is driven by a strong set of core values that serve as our foundation. With a distinguished approach to our clients, we help them to grow their funds and business efficiently and responsibly. We pride ourselves on the following values.


With our pool of experienced Fund Administration and Technology experts, we are committed to resolving any queries or issues faster than you will ever expect. We listen to your problems with patience and always provide a prompt resolution.

Impeccable Experience

Seldom would a team of founders having total experience of 75+ years in Fund Administration and Technology serve your business needs with a personal touch! Our vast experience allows us to quickly diagnose and assist in the remediation of any operational issues our clients are experiencing.

Collaborative Growth

Your growth is our growth. We refuse to overcharge the clients for any service that can be provided through our advanced systems. We work closely with our clients to design a fee structure that works for both of us.

Progressive Technology

Our proprietary platform, Seamless Solutions Suite, consolidates and automates all the Fund Administration functions and reporting for our clients. Seamless Solutions is a web based integrated solution for portfolio, fund and investor accounting that is disrupting the fund administration industry.

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