Fund Administration - Onboarding Simplified

By Mike Schroeder

Published May 9, 2020

Moving fund administrators has never been easier. In the past, moving over was a nightmare; it was time-consuming and energy-intensive. That is no longer the case as today’s managers can move from any fund admin to Formidium, without consuming more than a few hours of their time, regardless of their history with the prior admin

The Issue with Legacy Technology

For many in the fund administration space, “technology” is simply a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, spreadsheets are prone to manual errors, cannot be scaled, and provide poor data/analytics. And because they are so manual, it’s expensive to operate them! When it comes to legacy software, onboarding is difficult and time-consuming.

Formidium’s cloud-based technology was built to provide users with meaningful data… gone are the days of seeing only partial data at the end of the month. The automation of many processes allows us to spend more time servicing our clients at a high level.

Previously Onboarding was a Nightmare

When onboarding is a nightmare, managers are reluctant to switch. In the past, it would take 12+ months of running parallel accounting as well as simultaneously paying two fund administrators (a very significant cost to investors). The back and forth with the new administrator was such a headache that managers would prefer to pay a significant premium than switch vendors

Things are Changing

Modern fund administrators like Formidium have an onboarding process that is QUICK and EASY. A new client is typically onboarded in two weeks or less in a process that takes no more than a few hours of time.

Our Process

  • Sign our electronic proposal (it’s easy to read and it takes less than a minute to execute)
  • Send us historical subscription documents, recent accounting packages, fund-related legal documents and items necessary for background checks.
  • We will go as far back as you need us to. We can upload trade by trade accounting for multiple years if you’d like. One of our clients had us upload 12 years of a trade by trade accounting – we replicated their current administrators work and got them up and running in under a month.

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